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First of all, thanks for everyone who like and support my drawing.
Times passed and my drawing not improve at all, drawing sketch is all I can do.
I still have no time for practice, although I'm still jobless. Now I used my free time for studing English and informatic for degrees to get a job in future.
I just have a gf since May of this year, she's 8-year-younger than me. We're both girls, it's hard for my family to accept if they find out we're couples, so I really need a job to take care of my her and my own future.
I don't have time to learn or practice drawing anymore. But if I draw some portrait sketchs when I have time, I'll submit them. My pleasure is the enjoyment of someone who like my artstyle and sketch arts.

Once again, thanks for reading what I have written. :)
remain in silent and darkness